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Since there are so many new dating sites, is it wrong or dirty to go to a site for physical reasons like

Growing up in a Catholic household, I didnít think that being sexual was ever a good thing but as I grew up, I became much more comfortable with my sexuality and started to realize itís not such a bad thing and maybe could be something Iím interested in. First and foremost, Iím not a player and I do care about girls but I know a lot of girls like me that arenít looking for a relationship right bow but still have physical needs. Thatís why I donít feel bad about sites like and in fact I think they are a really good thing.

My story starts back in Ohio about 7 years ago when I met a girl that I thought I was going to marry and live the rest of my life with. She was everything to me and I wanted to give her everything I possibly could. She just took and took from me though and we never really grew together. Even though I loved her with all of my heart I knew that I wasnít in a good relationship, in fact it just wasnít healthy. People had been telling me for years that she wasnít the right one for me, but I just wasnít ready to listen. She had everything I was looking forÖ She was beautiful, fun, and great in the bedroom. I thought these were the only things I cared about but you start to realize that after a few years that if these are the only good parts, you can find yourself extremely miserable. It doesnít matter how good looking and fun a girl can be, if she doesnít have her own thing going on she will drag you down.

So after I broke things off with my girlfriend, I wasnít ready to date again. I was just ready to give up on relationship when I heard about The thing I love about the site is that I can go on there and have my physical needs met without having to look at things in terms of the long haul. Iíve met 4 or 5 girls on the site already that are just smoking hot and I have had a lot of luck with. The fact that these girls even talk to me makes me feel really great and keeps me coming back for more and more.